Rental: How it works

Bee's Knees offers rental for a day/evening up to a maximum of three days. Are you looking for a dress for chic cocktail parties and ceremonies at a low price while being respectful of the planet??

Rent a dress instead! Fittings take place at the Cadbury Loft.

Our operation:

1) Go to the dress rental page.

2) Choose the dress you prefer.

3) Choose the number of days desired on the quantity slider. For example for a day, choose it once. For three days, choose this piece three times from inventory. The maximum number of days for rental is three days.

4) Click on Rent.

4) On the checkout page, choose the 'Loft Cadbury' collection spot.

5) Fittings are done on site at the Loft.

6) Leave with the dress.