Items to collect February 2024 #2

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Adrienne G Judith & Charles skirt adg-4421-31-R
Agathe L Frank and oak pink t-shirt (Small holes at the neckline) agl-0522-30-R
Albin Borderie Canadian blue wool coat Trilogi AlB-4523-01-R
Alexandra Semille Poly Esther pink shaggy jacket als-1523-21-R
Alice De Swarte Burgundy faux Sherpa jacket Monoprix ADS-4723-03-R
Friend P No-cheek blouse in white and pea silk amp-26
Friend P Ellen Tracy sleeveless blouse amp-27
Aniket Srikumar Gray sweater with Uniqlo collar AnS-3923-03-R
Anne Jean Urban Outfiter xs gray pants AnJ-4223-07-R
Anne Saint Laurent Purple dress with pink flowers Club Monaco ASL-3222-04-R
Annelca Lescard Petite Laura navy blue pants AnL-2723-12-R
Anouck Cholet Something special red wool hat AnC-3323-09-R
Anouk Cholet Loeffler Randall black and white tweed bag anc-2923-23-R
Aurelie Petit Dark turquoise sweater with black lace Sandro AuP-3323-07-R
Aurelie Petit Gray tights aup-1123-05-R
Aurelie Petit Blue jumper with orange and white leaf patterns Pineapple bananas AuP-3323-11-R
Aurelie Petit Red and white lined skirt AuP-3323-12-R
Aurelie Petit Long denim skirt with front and back slit AuP-3323-13-R
Aurelie Petit Black and White Winter Coat Corridor AuP-3323-14-R
Aurelie Petit Gray 100% merino wool sweater Banana Republic AuP-4123-04-R
Aurelie Petit Deeluxe golden green dress aup-3622-21-R
Aurelie Petit Black Converse slip-ons 7.5 AuP-3323-19-R
Bee's Knees Navy blue V neck ReGil-4822-43-R
Bee's Knees Erika red and black check jacket BK-3823-17-R
Camille Morin Rosurel Black Bikini camr-2322-09-R
Camille Morin Rip Curl Black Pink Cream Swim Top camr-2322-13-R
Camille Morin Sandro red skirt ReGil-4922-17-R
Camille Morin Skye turquoise and coral one-piece swimsuit camr-2322-18-R
Camille Morin Uniqlo gray wool sweater CaMr-4823-22-R
Carine Berbari Red floral blouse with black collar CaB-4623-01-R
Caroline Cottin Black sweater with small buttons CaCo-0324-05-R
Catherine Cote Cyr Le Château gray/diamond headband LaB-4323-16-R
Christiane Alice Momontrency Rudsak caramel leather pants ChAM-4023-09-R
Corine Deshaies Dynamite orange velvet bodysuit CoD-4123-02-D
Corine Deshaies Bagatelle fuchsia pink checked skirt CoD-4723-03-R
Danina Kapetanovic J.crew red skirt DaK-2123-16-D
Danina Kapetanovic J Crew black skirt DaK-2123-14-D
Denise Auger Blue wool coat with removable collar Me-Jay DeA-4923-12-R
Denise Auger Tan Jay vintage brown quilted jacket DeA-4923-19-R
Dominique Parent Black pants size 6 Jones New York DoP-4523-02-R
Dori Ross Canada Goose short dark blue coat DoR-4423-01-R
Dori Ross Orange jacket with black velvet flowers DoR-3923-12-R
Dorih Ross Black lamb skin coat dor-4821-01-R
Elisa Bagaud Large blue 100% cotton Trademark shirt ElB-4123-04-R
Emilie Banville Black pants size 16 EmB-4823-11-R
Flora Bazinet Contemporary pink suede jacket Flba-2723-38-R
Gaelle Dewilde Bagatelle brown jacket GDW-4223-06-D
Hannah Dean Frank & Oak green wool pants HaD-3923-02-R
Hannah Dean Zara yellow sequin dress HaD-3923-04-R
Ivanina Popova Red merino wool red sweater Banana Republic IvP-4323-20-R
Jeanne Burger Satin cami, palettes, lace Gerard Darel JeB-4923-01-R
Jill Kanaschuk Madewell black 100% cotton poncho jacket JiK-4723-18-D
Jordan Taylor Black and white Laura Jumpsuit JoT-3123-02-R
Julie Anne Tremblay Uniqlo dark blue tweed blazer JAT-4323-01-R
Julie Anne Tremblay Nudie jeans linen shirt ReGil-4922-81-R
Julie Deschenes Ann Taylor vest jud-0622-01-R
Julie Rene Trombolini brown jacket JuR-3723-09-R
Kristina Nel Black xxs Guaja sweater KrN-4323-08-R
Kristina Nel Philosophy yellow V-neck sweater KrN-4323-17-R
Laura Pritcher Ashley Taylor black satin blouse lap-1622-05-R
Laurence Côté Gray Razzle Dazzle Turtleneck LaC-3923-03-R
Laurie Babin Skinny jeans Acne LaB-3023-10-R
Léna Masse Black crewneck with Monkl shoulder pads LeM-4023-04-D
Lili Azari Zara blue tweed jacket LiA-4423-31-R
Lisa Finken Kookai Dark Gray Dress LiF-3423-09-R
Louise Thibeault Black A-line skirt Benetton LoT-3923-39-R
Louise Thibeault Black patent leather belt LoT-3923-15-R
Marie-Anne Clarke Zara beige knotted cardigan PaH-3923-02-R
Marie-Audrey Houle Burgundy Tristan Dress MAH-2923-04-R
Marie-Claire Vyboh Red and white checkered Sport Casual shirt MaClV-4923-05-R
Marjolaine Jamesse Eres two-piece swimsuit Marjam-1323-78-R
Monique Lacoste Gray coat with fur collar Soia & Kyo MoL-4623-01-R
Morgane Renaudin Claudie Pierlot red dress mor-4822-08-R
Natalie Bouchard Liz Clairbone black velvet pants NaB-4923-03-R
Natalie Vansier Pink lace bra nav-3022-12-R
Odile Houyet Faded Glory green crewneck OdH-4623-01-R
Paige Camirand Monteau black floral and ruffled blouse PaC-4223-02-R
Roxane C Chelsea Jonak Paris rob-2321-02-R
Sam Sagredo Cream American Eagle Collar Sweater SaS-3923-02-R
Samantha Sagredo Reversible pink cami crop SaS-3823-09-R
Samantha Sagredo Arizona khaki cargo pants SaS-3823-19-R
Sarah Keenlyside Black coat W kindy ReGil-4622-47-R
Sarah Tripodi Burgundy mauve crocodile heel ankle boots Topshop SaT-2523-06-R
Thirst Thrifting Red open back dress ThT-3323-25-R