Le dopamine dressing, c'est quoi?

What is dopamine dressing?

It is the use of bright and electric colors that stimulates neurotransmitters and secretes the pleasure hormone, dopamine!

This trend, popularized last summer, is directly linked to the social and environmental climate of our time. This change of spirit manifests itself in simple gestures, such as dressing to encourage joy and good humor.

This phenomenon is not new and has been the subject of numerous psychological studies in the world of fashion. It is therefore a question of experimenting and expressing your creativity by wearing fun patterns and betting on colors.

Each color awakens specific feelings. For example, blue calls for calm and relaxation, while the warmth of pink can bring comfort and security. This movement, influenced by lines like Lisa says gah and House of Sunny , proves that this trend is here to stay. This phenomenon is not only limited to dress codes, but can also be applied to interior design.

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Photos: Julien Herger

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